How we efficiently manufacture Black Beauty products

Since the 1930s, Harsco Environmental’s core focus has been to minimize its carbon footprint and maximize its value from coal combustion byproducts. The company’s Reed Minerals business has been recognized as a leading abrasives media manufacturer in the industry for its high-performing, cost-effective and environmentally friendly products. 

In 2012, Harsco Environmental expanded its product offering to include copper slag abrasive media and introduced post-consumer crushed glass abrasive media. Today, its portfolio includes Black Beauty Platinum, an addition to the Original Black Beauty, and the new SURE/CUT product line, including SURE/CUT Velocity and SURE/CUT Edge.

Harsco has diversified its portfolio of products to meet the growing need for abrasives nationally.  Its manufacturing plants supply many abrasive media products for surface preparation projects throughout the Midwest, Northeast, Atlantic Coast, Gulf Coast, and Central U.S. geographies.

In honor of National Manufacturing Day, Harsco Environmental shares its manufacturing processes behind Black Beauty products and how it is working to improve employee safety.

Manufacturing Black Beauty

Designed and manufactured in the U.S., Black Beauty products undergo a vertically integrated process, meaning raw materials are controlled from beginning to end.

Manufacturers at Harsco’s plants use high-tech, heavy machinery to develop and package different grades of Black Beauty and SURE/CUT products. The agility and consistency of size reduction and screening effectiveness allow Harsco Environmental to service various customer needs and applications that involve removing surface coatings such as rust, paint and scale from substrates.

Harsco is committed to improving the quality and efficiency of its manufacturing plant so that it can continue to provide customers with enhanced performance from its engineered abrasive media products.

Ensuring employee safety

Building and maintaining a safe, controlled environment is a daily commitment for Harsco Environmental. Employees are trained to follow detailed safety procedures to achieve an interdependent safety culture. 

To achieve a safer workplace, Harsco Environmental formed cross-functional working groups that utilize a five-step approach to identify, prioritize and execute key initiatives based on Harsco’s existing Safety Management System. The new safety strategy focuses on training employees on these key initiatives:  leadership commitment, engagement, risk management, operating discipline, and assurance.

Harsco continues to improve safety measures in its plants to ensure all employees return home unharmed every day. Having employees with good health and retaining a positive safety record is a competitive advantage: it builds trust in Harsco’s reputation and brand.

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