Tips When Using Blasting Abrasives

Cost-effective, highly productive, and environmentally friendly. Our best-in-breed Black Beauty abrasives prepare surfaces to meet the needs of all your projects.

Unlike harsh surface preparation techniques using chemicals and toxic substances, BLACK BEAUTY® Platinum is made up of upcycled material and controlled from raw materials to the finished product, guaranteeing consistent quality.

These high-performing abrasives will get the job done fast. Follow these tips to protect your health and ensure a smooth process.

Safety Tips and Best Practices

Tip 1: Wear Proper Protective Gear

The process of abrasive blasting creates dust. Dust particles cause problems for your eyes, nose, and lungs. Wear gloves, ear protection, footwear, glasses, and a respirator to minimize harm.

Tip 2: Collect and Manage Debris

  • Lay a tarp over the project area to collect debris and blasting material.
  • Shovel or vacuum the spent media and contaminants into the proper waste storage container.
  • Be sure to know and follow local disposal regulations and coordinate with your state EPA.

Tip 3: Avoid Bad Weather Conditions

Blasting is sensitive to the climate and temperature. To ensure the best cleaning or coating job, be sure to:

  • Avoid stormy, wet, or windy conditions.
  • Avoid cold weather.
  • Observe the humidity, dew point, and air temperature.

Tip 4: Don’t Overuse Blast Nozzles

A worn-out blast nozzle affects the quality of production. An old nozzle can lead to a slower production rate, more spent media, and higher clean-up costs. Replacing blast nozzles constantly helps maintain quality and keep costs down.

Tip 5: Use the Right Abrasives

Black Beauty Original now offers four different products: Black Beauty®, Black Beauty® Platinum, Black Beauty® Glass, and Black Beauty® Iron, to meet all your blasting needs. Visit to learn which product you need for your job.

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