Black Beauty® continues to produce Industry leading, high performance, and safe abrasive medias for future generations

BLACK BEAUTY®, a division of Harsco Environmental, has been an industry pioneer for more than 90 years, with a long term focus on surface preparation efficiencies that are an environmentally safe alternatives to traditional abrasive medias.
BLACK BEAUTY®  now offers four different products, including the recently introduced, Black Beauty Platinum, an upcycled material with a lower consumption rate than traditional surface prep abrasives. Platinum is  comprised of a new patented material called Calcium-Iron Silicate and provides a higher performance relative to more traditional medias. 
Made in the USA, Black Beauty Platinum is vertically integrated, meaning the process  is controlled from raw materials to the finished product. With this level of control through the manufacturing process, Black Beauty now provides a more reliable and consistent media to the market, no different than what it has managed to do with the Original Black Beauty for almost 90 years.
How is it different from the other Black Beauty Products? 
Original Black Beauty 
Original Black Beauty is a trusted coal slag abrasive. Traditionally, coal slag has been the preferred choice of blasting media and considered to be the best value per square foot. 
Black Beauty Glass 
Black Beauty Glass abrasives are high quality, chemically inert and environmentally friendly, and produced from 100% recycled glass. The crushed glass abrasive is well known for a less aggressive profile that can be used in a number of different applications. 
Black Beauty Iron
Black Beauty Iron is a copper and coal slag-blended abrasive and provides a very competitive price offering to the market. Its fast-cutting and low-dusting performance make it ideal for removing surface coatings such as rust, paint, and scale from various substrates, especially structural steel and concrete.
BLACK BEAUTY® products are available at rental, paint, pool, supply stores, and Harsco manufacturing facilities throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Find nearby locations or call 1-888-733-3646 for more information and/or ordering.