On the heels of Sure/Cut™ comes Black Beauty™ Platinum 

When the industrial, marine, oil, and gas industries need to remove rust, paint and surface contaminants from railcars, ships, water tanks, bridges, pipelines, and steel machinery, cost and efficiency always come to mind. Today, the health of the worker and the effect on the environment are also primary considerations of abrasives producer Harsco Environmental.
As such, Black Beauty has introduced a new blast media called, Platinum, an upcycled material with a lower consumption rate than traditional coal, copper and glass slags. This is right behind Harsco’s 2021 debut of Sure/Cut™, a line of high performance and environmentally friendly abrasive media, developed to the highest standards of health and safety for the user. Both are certified by the standards of the Protective Coatings Inspector (SSPC) as AB-1.
Running with the best in breed

BLACK BEAUTY™ products have been a leader in the abrasive blasting industry for more than 90 years. BLACK BEAUTY® Platinum is the newest in the product line, joining its original, glass and iron products. What’s the difference? BLACK BEAUTY® Platinum is classified as low free silica and comprised of high-quality calcium iron silicate with aggressive angular cutting performance. And it is an upcycled material, meaning Harsco owns the production process from raw materials to the finished product. This level of control throughout the manufacturing process results in a reliable and consistent media for surface preparations needs.
Within the product, a variety of grades are available to address different applications. For instance, the ultra-fine grade is recommended for light blasting requiring a clean surface and minimum anchor profile including brush-off blast or high-pressure water blast systems. A coarse grade is for a more aggressive general purpose repair and maintenance blasting including removal of thick paint, rust, mill scale, and other surface coatings.
BLACK BEAUTY® Platinum is available at rental, paint, pool, and supply stores, as well as Harsco manufacturing facilities throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Find nearby locations or call 1-888-733-3646 for more information and/or ordering.