Black Beauty® Platinum helps prolong surface coatings

Worker using Black Beauty media to blast in a shipyard

Black Beauty® Platinum is a new-aged abrasive media designed by Harsco Environmental to provide lasting performance for blasters. Harsco strives to develop solution-based products within the manufacturing industry. This new abrasive was formulated to minimize the amount of impingement that occurs during the blasting process. 

Microscopic cuts and cavities form when a surface is blasted, and impingement occurs when particles are trapped inside the crevices. If the surface is not sufficiently prepared, impingement can cause surface coatings to deteriorate and need repair sooner.

To maintain the longevity of projects, Black Beauty® Platinum was tested among traditional and higher-performance abrasives. The results showed it led to minor impingement and prolonged the coating on infrastructures.

Transitioning to the best-in-breed product

Historically, coal slag has been the preferred media used by blasters as it was considered to produce the best value per square foot. Almost 90 years ago, Black Beauty® introduced the original abrasive within the product line, which remains the industry’s highest performing traditional coal slag. As coal becomes less abundant for abrasive media, Harsco has made it their mission to assure a suitable replacement exists for decades to come.

By enhancing its product line to provide a more reliable and consistent media, Black Beauty® Platinum was introduced to the market. Compared to traditional abrasives, Black Beauty® Platinum is an upcycled product with a lower consumption rate. It is composed of Calcium-Iron Silicate, which provides higher performance and creates a less hazardous working site for the blasters without harming the environment.

By upgrading to Black Beauty® Platinum, the blaster will be able to complete a job with less product at a reasonable cost. Furthermore, surface coating projects that use Black Beauty® Platinum will result in less impingement, thus saving companies more money in the long run.

Black Beauty® Platinum is available at rental, paint, pool, and supply stores and Harsco manufacturing facilities throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Find nearby locations or contact your local rep, distributor or Harsco Environmental at 888-733-3646 or re****@ha****.com for more information.