Cutting through the competition with innovative solution-based abrasives

Worker using Black Beauty media to blast in a shipyard

Black Beauty® products continue to evolve with the market, promoting innovation and upcycling, and continuing the tradition of reliable surface preparation solutions.
Unlike its competitors, Harsco Environmental conducted extensive research, development and field trials to develop two products in the SURE/CUT performance line. The product line consists of a high-performance nickel slag called SURE/CUT Edge™ and a vertically-integrated media solution more impressive in performance, SURE/CUT Velocity™.
Harsco has not only created products that save money and time while enhancing productivity, but has also provided an environmentally-safe, sustainable, high performing, and logistical solution with Black Beauty ® Platinum and SURE/CUT products.   
Protecting the environment

Although the original Black Beauty® is the industry’s highest performing traditional slag material, we developed the Sure/Cut™ line to the utmost health and safety standards for the user and environment. 
Since the products are manufactured in the U.S., Harsco has complete control over manufacturing processes from the source and use of raw materials to the finished product. In addition, the raw material is thoroughly evaluated to ensure its ability for reuse.
As part of Harsco’s commitment to protecting the environment, SURE/CUT™ products are not subjected to a crude chemical process or sourced from hazardous environments to avoid degrading landscapes and protecting wildlife. Harsco has also helped improve water quality, eliminate spills and preventing floods in the environment by removing mining and extracting from the ground during manufacturing. 
Practicing sustainability
Accessibility to imported materials that meet surface preparation needs has been an ongoing issue since those materials are rare in availability, hard to maintain in consistent product quality, and difficult to import due to the global supply chain issues. 
Harsco has overcome this issue by offering a domestically-sourced by-product that services the U.S. economy and supports an industry with many regulatory and cost-prohibitive impacts on its users. SURE/CUT Edge™ and Velocity™ provide sustainability by supporting the economy, society and environment. 
Proving performance
A third-party group, KTA, conducted tests on the SURE/CUT™ products to fully evaluate their actual performance. According to the results, the performance associated with the innovative products are comparable to that associated with known performance-associated media such as garnet and nickel abrasives. 
The testing revealed SURE/CUT™ provides blasters with quicker cutting rates, reductions in consumption rates, and cost per square foot of overhead and material expenditures.
Providing logistical solutions
Furthermore, Harsco Environmental offers logistical services to customers. To simplify the purchasing process and negotiate cost breaks, Harsco has formed a team of logistics experts. As a logistics provider, Black Beauty® and SURE/CUT™ products can be delivered when needed, and quoted with the best freight rates.
Contact your local rep or distributor or Harsco Environmental at 888-733-3646 or re****@ha****.com for more information on our logistical solutions.