Global Marketing Manager, Jonathan Bernard, discusses Black Beauty abrasives, SURE/CUT, and environmentally friendly solutions in 2023 AMPP Expo Show interview

Rebecca Bickham, editor-in-chief at AMPP publications, interviewed Harsco Environmental’s Global Marketing Manager, Jonathan Bernard at this year’s AMPP Annual Conference + Expo 2023 to discuss Harsco Environmental, the products and services we offer our customers, and industry trends.

Jonathan Bernard, global marketing manager

Jon discusses Harsco Environmental’s focus on environmentally friendly solutions, Black Beauty and SURE/CUT products, and how Harsco provides the right products at the right time.

Black Beauty

The original coal slag, Black Beauty, is well known for its BLACK BEAUTY® blasting abrasives such as BLACK BEAUTY® Platinum. As we continued our research and development to provide top-of-the-line economical solutions for customers who traditionally used Black Beauty coal slag, our customers now have an up-cycled best-in-class abrasive production.

BLACK BEAUTY® Platinum abrasive is a high-quality calcium iron silicate media with enhanced cutting performance relative to traditional abrasive media. It’s an environmentally friendly media for the industrial, marine, oil, and gas industries for removing surface coatings such as rust, paint, and scale from a variety of substrates, especially structural steel and concrete.


Our goal is to ensure we are continuously improving our products and solutions. We have spent the last two years developing our SURE/CUT line which provides two different products, SURE/CUT Velocity, and SURE/CUT Edge. Both products are an environmentally friendly line of blasting products created through years of research, development, and testing in numerous field trials. It provides the blaster with a faster cutting solution, saving time and money while increasing productivity on the job.

“We have put a lot of research into developing these products. We know that we need to make sure we have the right product at the right time for the right job,” said Jon.

Industry Trends

Oil and gas, construction, and industrial markets have had a lot of growth in the past couple of years. “We are excited to see these markets come back and have the opportunity to support them as these jobs keep popping up and are a valuable component of the trade,” said Jon.

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