Black Beauty® Platinum publishes Safety Data Sheet

Worker using Black Beauty media for surface preparation

Black Beauty Platinum is a new and exciting abrasive product made from calcium iron silicate delivering enhanced cutting performance for the professional blaster. From raw material to finished product, it is vertically integrated and controlled by Harsco Environmental, allowing for better control over quality and supply.

Black Beauty Platinum is dependable, consistent and safe for surface preparations, blasters and the environment. It has the added benefit of being sourced and manufactured in the USA!

Safety is a priority on the job, which includes understanding the material being used and whether it meets industry standards. Black Beauty Platinum is Certified SSPC AB-1 and low in silica. Our Safety Data Sheet provides additional data on the material.

Recommendations for blasting system setup

To safely work with a product, we should first acknowledge not all materials perform the same. Therefore, the blasting setup should be recalibrated to meet the needs of the new material. With higher productivity metrics present with Platinum, the blasting pot must be configured to meter the material differently than other abrasives.

The recommended first-time setup for the material is the following:
1) Set compressor pressure, so that nozzle pressure is between 95 and 110 psi.
2) Use the recommended nozzle sizes #4-#6.
3) Close valve on system completely and then adjust material flow from there.
4) Recheck you have 105-110 psi at the nozzle after the media is flowing.
5) Stand 12”-18” away from surface.

Guidelines for handling blasting abrasive

There are a few key measures to follow before setting up your blasting equipment. When preparing and using the media abrasive, blasters should wear gloves, protective clothing, such as chemically resistant materials and fabrics, and protective goggles.

For additional on-the-job safety, Black Beauty Platinum is also recommended to be stored in a dry, cool space, and the container should be closed when not being used.

For more information on safely handling Black Beauty Platinum, please read our Safety Data Sheet.