Environmental advantages of using Black Beauty and SURE/CUT products

Harsco Environmental has always promoted innovation and upcycling. The company has minimized the environmental impact and captured value from coal combustion by-products since the 1930s, making it one of America’s original green companies. 

According to National Today, recycling can cost $50 to $150 per ton. That’s much less than trash collection and processing, showing that for most cases, recycling is also more cost-effective. Because of these key environmental facts, Harsco encourages the blasting industry to use its recycled, quality products.

In honor of National Recycling Day on November 15th, Harsco is showcasing its efforts to be environmentally conscious with the development of its products. 

Black Beauty recycled glass products

From the start of the company, Harsco Environmental’s core focus has been to minimize its carbon footprint and maximize its value from coal combustion byproducts. All Black Beauty media abrasives are a byproduct of the manufacturing process. 

The company has further expanded its product line and environmental commitment by recycling copper slag and post-consumer glass in various markets. 

Harsco upcycles glass to produce several beneficial products, such as concrete. Recycled glass provides many benefits to concrete, including replacing up to 20% of Portland cement and increasing its strength and density. It is also used as an additive to produce flooring, countertops, hard surfaces, filler, and coatings.

Benefits of using SURE/CUT 

As society has become more environmentally conscious, it’s essential for companies to provide more eco-friendly solutions. Unlike mined media abrasives, Harsco develops affordable, high-quality recycled media abrasive products that are safe for the environment and users. 

The SURE/CUT™ product line is certified by the Protective Coating Inspector (SSPC) standards as AB-1 and tested for California Air Resource Boards (CARB). For instance, SURE/CUT Velocity™ provides a solution that is a natural part of the steel-making process and takes a byproduct of that process and turns it into an upcycled solution for surface preparation.

By eliminating mining and extracting from the ground, Harsco helps improve water quality and prevent spills and floods. SURE/CUT Velocity™ is not subjected to a crude chemical process or sourced from harmful environments to avoid the degradation of landscapes and protect wildlife and biodiversity. 

Instead, the raw material is extracted from that manufacturing process and is thoroughly evaluated to ensure it is purified for reuse. Its inert properties make it suitable for both abrasive media use and cemental and agricultural purposes. 

Harsco’s foundation was built on recycling and continues growing with that same business model. Its facilities and products meet or exceed all environmental standards.

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