5 Key Steps for Bidding on a Blasting Project

A man weating full safety gear uses ground glass to sandblast the steel casing of a meat drying machine for a rendering plant Learn how to create a blaster job bidding prep checklist with these 5 tips Having a blaster job preparation list helps create an outline for...

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Behind the scenes of Harsco Environmental

How we efficiently manufacture Black Beauty products Since the 1930s, Harsco Environmental’s core focus has been to minimize its carbon footprint and maximize its value from coal combustion byproducts. The company’s Reed Minerals business has been recognized as a...

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BLACK BEAUTY® blasting abrasives are known for their high quality, low dusting and low free silica attributes.

BLACK BEAUTY® Platinum is a high-quality calcium iron silicate abrasive media with enhanced cutting performance.

BLACK BEAUTY® GLASS is high quality, chemically inert, environmentally friendly and contain less than 1% free silica.

BLACK BEAUTY® IRON abrasives are currently available out of our FL, PA, TX facilities in three industry-standard grades.


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