Harsco is a market leader and the third largest roofing granule supplier in the U.S., partnering with the country’s leading shingle manufacturers. We are proud of our established contracts and long-term relationships with many of the top firms in the asphalt roofing industry.

Harsco’s innovative leadership extends back to the 1930s when it pioneered a process of recycling coal combustion coproduct from coal-fired electric power generating plants. Through Harsco’s proprietary processing techniques, we have been able to deliver premium quality roofing granules that are a critical raw material used in the production of asphalt roofing shingles.

That tradition of innovation continues today with Harsco excelling as a nimble, creative partner in the development of new products to fulfill custom-tailored solutions to our roofing customers’ needs. Our national accounts team of roofing experts will be happy to partner with your company to develop alternative roofing solutions specific to your applications.

  • BLACK BEAUTY® Headlap Granules
  • BLACK BEAUTY® Mineral Surfacing Products
  • BLACK BEAUTY® Backsurfacing Granules
  • GRANDURATM Ceramic Coated Color Granules

All Harsco roofing products are sourced from an environmentally sound, recycled coal combustion coproduct.

These products are manufactured and tailored to provide optimum strength, performance and longevity for our roofing customers. We also have the ability to deliver custom granule sizes to meet the most stringent or unique requirements.

Harsco is continuing to diversify our strong product supply chain with innovative material sourcing, always strictly adhering to the same high standards for quality, consistency and performance that have distinguished our roofing granules products for over 60 years.



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